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Studying on the night before the exam or what is called cramming is the worse thing that can happen to a college student. Following this further, many students do not have a plan to study for the exam. Moreover, they will remember to study for the exam on the night before the exam, and that can lead to bad grades. In addition, having a plan and scheduling your time and attending classes will make studying before the exam easier, and can lead to better grades in the final.
Moreover, the best way to study for an exam is to get ready early for the final exam, to plan your time wisely, summaries the important points that can be in the exam, and skim over all the material. Moreover, students should employ a learning strategy (Eastern Illinois University). Beside that, time organization and time management is one of the best ways that can lead to better studying which leads to better grades. Moreover, studying early will make you study with out felling stressed, which leads to better understudying of the book, and that leads to better results in the exam. As an example, my sister all ways start for any exam one week before the day of the exam. Even of she knows every thing in the book. Those made her get good grades. In addition, that will make her have enough time to study for the next exam.

After scheduling and planning the time to study for the exam you should start summarizing your course, and Settle calm and confident. Beside that, you should gather information about the questions that might be asked in the exam. After that, you should start with the subjects that are faster and easy to memorize. (University of Waterloo, 2002). Additionally, summarizing the important definitions and names makes it easier to memorize. Because words will stick in your head when you read and write them at the same time. For instant, Studying early for the exam makes me feel confident and positive that make’s me get good grades at the exam. Moreover, when I start studying late I will always feel that I will not do well in the exam.

Finally, you should think of a college as a 40 hours job. That leads to, deciding what when and where to study. Moreover, student should develop a good study habit. ( therefore, students should feel and work as an employer, and work hard to earn good grades that can lead to a good job in the future. For example, John, (2007) said that student should “study before the class and to review notes you toke in class after the class”.

In conclusion, organizing your time, and studying early. Moreover, having a wise plan to study for you exam can lead to good grades. Nevertheless, Studying on the night before the exam or what is called cramming is the worse thing that can happen to a college student. Many students do not have a plan to study for the exam. Moreover, they will remember to study for the exam on the night before the exam. That will make them get bad grades

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Research paper

Hawaii whales

I love the sea, and that's how I became interested in this topic. The problem is located at the coast of Hawaii, where the U.S. Navy is doing its war game with other countries. The U.S. Navy is using the mid frequency sonar in this war game which is harmful for whales, and other mammals. According to New Standard, “mid-frequency sonar can harm whales and other marine life like dolphins and turtles (2006). Whales are big mammals that live in the ocean, and are sensitive, especially near the ears. And the mid frequency is killing them, but the U.S. Navy is saying that they are not killing whales. According to the U.S. Navy “Sonar is an invaluable tool to protect our nation,” and they are concerned about the dead whales near Hawaii ocean, According to the U.S. Navy “the Navy spends millions of dollars each year on marine mammal research to better understand the potent ional effects of manmade sounds on marine mammals to help ensure that Navy policy and compliance are based on real science. Finally, the federal judge ruled that the U.S. Navy cannot use sonar until they can show wither it is harmful to whales or not.

I plan on writing three things that should be done about the dead whales near Hawaii. First, the U.S. Navy should do their training where there are no whales, so they can save the nation and the environment at the same time. Second, the U.S. Navy should have machines that move the mammals from the mid frequency sonar because whales are very important for the environment. Finally, the U.S. Navy should develop their current sonar to be less harmful to the mammals so they can make the environment safer.

I have found a lot of articles that helped me to get a background information on the danger of the mid frequency sonar. I still need some articles about mammal’s lives to solve this problem.


“Navy in hot water for undersea trainings.” (2006). The New Standard. Retrieved from on the (July 20, 2006)

United States Navy (n.d.). Retrieved from _sonar.htm on (July 20, 2006)

Who are the homeless?
The are people who don’t have a place to live or a job to get money they suffer from "economic reason, unemployment, inflation, decreasing availability of low-rent housing" (Torrey, 1991, p. 35). Second are people who use alcohol and drugs; this gives them less sympathy from the society (Torrey, 1991).

What causes homelessness?
The causes of homeless are: people who have mental problems, and were sent to the community, as a new way to help them, so they can get better treatment, but there was not enough centers, and because of that the project failed (Kozol, 1989). The second cause are singles who have babies, but can not pay for their day care, and don’t want to risk their job; the result of that was to put them on the streets (Bidinotto, 1990).

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Navy vs. whales

According to New Standard Staff (2006) in "Navy in hot water for undersea trainings," the US Navy is killing the whales! This problem is happening near Hawaii. The Navy was starting a war game and hunting down enemies, by using mid-frequency sonar, which is harmful on whales and can lead to death. The war game is multi national, and involves many ships and submarines from Great Britain, China and South Africa. Researchers found that the Navy did a similar exercise in the same place, and the result of that was tens of dead whales all because of the practices of the US Navy. The national ocean and Atmospheric Administration is quoted as explaining the incident by saying that the US Navy's using the mid-frequency sonar was "plausible if not likely, contributing factor to the animal entering and remaining in the bay." In the year 2000 a similar incident happened to many kinds of whales after the use of the mid-frequency sonar in the Bahamas, and from that scientists found that the whales are dying from sonar, and to prove that, they showed some whales who had bleeding near and around the ears. After that, in 2004 another report came from the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission saying that the “evidence is very convincing and appears overwhelming” that the main reason of the death of the whales in the Bahamas is the mid-frequency sonar which was used by the US Navy at that time. And in 2006 the US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) allowed the US Navy to use the mid-frequency sonar in their exercise for this year. Finally, federal agencies found that Navy exercise can kill thousands of fishes by a single blast, and these exercises are done at a minimum of four times every month.
Military practices should protect nations not kill them and I think that they should stop these practices, because they are very harmful to the ocean fishes and the environment.
Whales or any kind of fishes should be respected, because God did not create them to get killed by a war game where every nation is just showing its muscles for noting and the advantage of that is dead fish.
The environment is too getting destroyed from these practices, because after they finiesh this war game they will leave mauch of their garbage in the ocean which will affect badly on the ocean.
In many regions in the world people are starving because they don’t have any food to eat, and on the other side of the world people are killing fishes in thousands every year which can feed millions of poor people and all of that killing is for a war game! Governments should stop there practices if they really want to stop hunger in the world.
In conclusion, the military should stop there practices so the fishes and the environment can be more better. God put us in this world to save it not to roan it.
"Navy in hot water for undersea trainings." (2006). The new standared Retrieved from; on the 2006-07-13.

Navy helping mammals

According to the U.S. Navy's online resource for information concerning sonar and marine mammals, Sonar is for "Sound Navigation and Ranging," Which is using underwater acoustics to know the water depth. This tool is used to know who is underwater so they can defend the nation if there is an attack. There are two types of sonar, passive sonar and active sonar. First, passive sonar it is a listening machine which depends on hydrophonics to receive its amplify; this machine is mainly used to know if there are submarines from the sound of there engines; the best thing about this machine is that it dose not have any sound but it can not detect submarines that work on batteries and that run it run at a low speed. Second, the active sonar work is by sending pulses of sound underwater, that will touch submarines and return back to the machine, which is similar to the echo; this signals will be converted to electronic signals; the signal will tell us which other submarines are close to us, and the speed, and size of the submarine. The best benifit of this machine is to locate and to track other submarines, but it can lead other submarines to now about our location too; this machine which is called mid-frequency sonar is installed in most Navy’s submarines; there are three types of active sonar, first, is a high frequency sonar, which is used to know the water depth, hunting mines and guiding torpedoes. The second is the mid-frequency sonar, which is used to identify and prosecuting submarines; this machine has been used since the second war. Finally, the low frequency sonar, is used for long-range search, and for the surveillance of submarines. This machine is known as the protector of the nation; at the same time the US Navy is doing its best to protect mammals by doing researches to understand how can it affect mammals. The US Navy is trying its best to protect mammals by making there training in the daytime hours if possible. The US Navy should try to depend more on active sonar, and try to depend on the passive sonar; the US Navy should use devices to avoid mammals; and the mid frequency sonar is should be replaced by a new version, which has less effect on mammals.
The US Navy should depend on the passive sonar more than the active sonar because it is less harmful to mammals; this is because the more they use active sonar, the more mammals will die.
The mid frequency sonar is very old; it was used since the second world war, and from that time untill now have been now changes in the machine; so the US Navy should try to make a new machine, which is the same result but is less harmful.
The US Navy should use machines to move whales from the sonar frequency, so they can make the mammals safer. In response, the US Navy should develop their sonar machine; depend on passive sonar more and to use machines that move whales away. Human should rule this world well.
United State Navy (n-d.). retrieved from on (13/07/2006)

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The Danger Of Whales

According to the BBC News in “Hawaii whales at risk from boats,” that the numbers of whales in Hawaii are increasing annually, which affectd on boats badly the number of accident is increasing annually and the tourism boat owners are the victims of this problem. The danger of whales is increasing whenever they surface the ocean. To avoid there problems boats should be far from the whales, and try to travel below 13 knots. He also mentions that when whales get injured they will disappear in the ocean and never be seen again by the boats. Many ships are watching the Hawaii Ocean; the ocean is protected internationally since 1966 and shipped under the US federal law.

Boats should have a sensor to know the places of the whales and to avoid them. that will decrease the number of dead whales and make oceans safer.
Whales will get the biggest benefit from this machine, because it will decrease the number of dead whales; whales will live more safely,and have their one life with out any danger from the boats; this will guarantee the whales will live for ever, because killing them is bad for the environment, and will affect it more badly, and If we do that, people in (NOAA) will stop talking, which will be better for the business.
People's safety is also a major problem, because if people see there whales get killed, some of them will not be customers again, which will affect negatively on business, and it could get them in big trouble with the governments who control there oceans and other communities which can make them lose their licenses. The benefit is that it will attract all kind of customers because they will feel that it will not affect badly on the environment and it’s not harmful for the whales.
Oceans will be safer, more business will grow, people will be more satisfied by getting more money, (NOAA) and other administrations will not have any problem with the business, and the community will be more satisfied.

BBC NEWS web site (2006, may 8) “Hawaii whales at risk from boats,”

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Frazier ,mya (11/14/2006) Target find way to beat Wal-Mart online.

Target VS. Wal-Mart

In September 2005, on the holiday season target won the challenge on Wal-Mart online, The audience grew from 83% to 11.4 million compared with 2004. The average ticket of shoppers is $151 million VS. $59 million at target logged 25% growth sales on online sales to $765 million in 2004 compared to 8% growth to $782 million in 2004 for Over all online sales jumped to 25% for full year.

Kurt peters who is an editor of internet retailer which publishes an annual list of the top 400 e-retailing sites said “ When it comes to online sales, Wal-Mart is a real laggard.”

Rual Vazquez VP Marketing for Disputes the figures and says “our number now are fantastic.”

On the other hand analysts expect analysts expect that Target sales online will increase to 125%.

I’m nor sure that Target will beat Wal-Mart because of the long experience and I think that the second in the U.S. market is a good vision for Target but who now maybe one day Target will beat Wall-mark and be the first in the U.S.


Seal (1997) in “what is stress,” discusses what stress is and what the types of stress are.Stress has been defined in several ways it is the terms or applied to slimily or event in the environment that make physical and emotional demand on us. Stress: is an emotional or physical reaction to demanding events or stimuli. A stressor: is an event or stimulus that cause stress.
Hans Seyle a researches and a writer about stress says that animals and human react to stress in there stages collectedly known as the general adaptation syndrome. The stages stress are: first, the alarm reaction that happen when the human or animal recognize the danger. Next, the stage of resistance in this stage the human or animal try to resist the or avoid the problem. Finally, the human or animals avoid or fined a solution for his problem than hi will beat the stress but if he didn’t find the problem than he will be exhaustion and that is not good for hem.
Seyle develop of general adoption such as in animals painful tail-pulling consequently lead to the same sorts of stress reactions. In human however it is harder to predict what will be stressful so it depend on the person subjective appraisal of that stimulus also in human moreover the specific stress reaction is likely to very widely some stressful situations give rise predominately to emotion of fear some to anger some to helplessness and depression

Health for a happy future

Health is one of the main issues in out lives. It's very important to be healthy so a people can enjoy their lives. To be healthy you have to sleep because it's important for our bodies and minds to function normally. Also eating healthy food helps our bodies grow and stay healthy. Last, exercise is the key factor in reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Living a healthy life depends on there main things, Sleeping, Eating healthy food and Exercise.

Sleeping is the medicine of our life. Researchers found that if a person doesn’t sleep for two to their weeks will die. Sleep either allows or promotes physiological processes, which rejuvenate the body and the mind. Sleep conserves energy. Since energy consumption drops during sleep. It takes a lot of energy to keep us warm-blooded animals warm-blooded.

Healthy Eating make us happy. Food is the body main source of vitamins, protein. Healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables is healthier which lead to long living. Avoiding coffin and cola make us in a good mode and felling less stressed and stress in not good for your bodies.

Exercise reduces illness. Exercise helps us lose weight, Exercise will induce endorphins Exercise decrease the risk of a heart attack, high stress levels and the risk of breast cancer.

I believe that if a person eat, sleep and exercise in a good way he will be able to enjoy his life more than other people who don't and may be live longer than people who don't have a healthy life. A good health will avoid going to hospitals in an older age. A good health will also make you able to do some activates that other cannot do, like sport.

Bryce G. Hoffman. Monday, May 15, 2006. Carmakers Woo Youth With Web Videos. Retrieved On June 14, 2006 from

Online Advertisement is increasing auto sales

Advertisement is increasing on the internet more than the old fashion television commercial advertisement way. Confront with new online generation, Detroit carmakers are developing an online sire to attract young auto buyers. Ford Motor Company just finished its online documentary series. Ford is working hard to connect with its customers through the two-min video segment. Other companies are trying to contact with their customers by using the online multimedia. Aero Lenzini, a vice president with the William motor agency said "it's about telling your own stories through entertainment," he also said that "Its bravo new world of media and entertainment," he also give many examples from Fore and GM.

The advertisement on the internet is growing very fast. Its one of the fastest way to connect the target customer and in the same time it's cheaper than the television advertisement. Ford, gm, and other car makers are shifting to internet advertisement because it appears to be more powerful than the old classical way, the can broadcast their advertisement for free by any video site on line. All of the auto maker factory's this days have their own web site where you can see and choose the size and the color of the car that you want, some of the web site also give you the opportunity to build your car where you can change most of the details of the car and put them in the way you like. I believe that carmakers should tell their customers about their history and make them now the different generations so they can feel more connected to this car or company, foe example Ford's show room in Dammam city have a section of Ford's old cars and television shows you will also find some old pictures from the desert where they will show an old man standing next to a old Ford pickup, some companies don’t do this kind of things but on the other hand you will see some old car shows where you will find some TOYOTA and NISSAN because I think from my experiment are more reliable specially in a plaice like Saudi Arabia. That means that some companies are paying some money and others are getting it for free.

(15-06-2006). New Saudi economic city will attract $7.9 bn. Retrieved On 20/06/2006 from

New Saudi Economic City Will Attract $7.9 BD

King Abdullah Alsaud had opened the biggest economic city in the Middle East on June 15, 2006. This city is considered to be one of the largest economic cities in the Middle East for logistic and supply chain according to the Gulf Daily. The project was launched in Hail City, located 600km north of Riyadh The capital of Saudi Arabia. This city is expected to create thousands of jobs for Saudi youth. The project is devolved by the investment foundation supervised by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and leaded by Rakizah Holding Company.

I believe that this new economic city’s are good for the economy because in Saudi Arabia the rates of population are increasing and there are now jobs specially like a small city like Hail, and because of that people are moving to the capital which will make it more crowdie. Hail and qassim and other city’s where having some investment problem because their where not enough jobs, so people started moving from it and that lead to loss in some business their who where depending in the local people to buy from them. This city’s will refresh the city’s real estate and lands apartments, which will increase the price. My uncle lives in an industrial city which is similar to the economic city and he is doing good and the thing that it is more cheaper than the big city’s and more safer and has it own health club and other facilities so I think it’s fun and not that bad. This city’s give the Saudi economic good money by foreign investment. This will make Saudi Arabia depend on other sources not just oil, which will give the economic some balance. This city’s will help doing other business like entertainment, banking and other needs. I think that this city’s will gust bring good things to the kingdom.

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the link

Where is Dammam located? its located in the east of Saudi Arabia next to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

What is Dammam? it’s the capital of the oil industry in the world and its the capital of business and investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the capital and the largest city in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia and it also has the largest port of the Arabian Gulf.

What does Dammam mean? Dammam word came from the an old music intertainment. That interment was famous in the Arabian Gulf and the sound of that comes from that intertainment is similar to the word Dammam.

Dammam cityes are Alkhobar and Dhahran; Alkhobar is the city of business and investment, it has a lot of tall buildings, malls and the bridge to the Bahrain. Dhahran has the heed office of Saudi ARAMCO and King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals.

Conclusion: From my view I think that Dammam is an enjoyable city.

Abdulla Alhumaidi

Rude and crude

the link

In this article the writer is talking about how people are becoming more rude and less polite in several ways, and she also gives some examples of that In a survey in ABC news, 78% of American say they encounter loud cell phone chatting, and 75% percent hear it often, but the main problem is to say bad words loudly, or even to talk in the cinema theater. She also gives some other examples, about how people are not polite and when she asked them why they said there is not much time to be polite.

What I think is that it is a problem of religion, and in Islam the profit Mohammad told Muslims that politeness is a very important issue and even in Christianity. So it is not about etiquette or what ever it is about believing in something.

Abdulla Alhumaidi

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IKEA in Jeddah

The link:>the link

In the opening of IKEA stores in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah city more than 8000 people has gathered near the store for the $150 or 500 RS, IKEA opened the doors at 9:00 am one hour before the scheduled time, because of the large number of people who gather in front of the store. And when the crowed begin to enter the shop in huge numbers the, security couldn't control them and because of that one Saudi man and also a Pakistani where crushed. The new IKEA is now 200% bigger than the old store.

Conclusion: the reason that they didn't succeed the shop successfully:
1- They did not do any survey on the consumer behavior.
2- The opened the store before the scheduled time when the should not open it at all because of the crude.
3- The store was very small and the population of Jeddah is very high and that mean that the store planning was vary bad.
4- The security forces were not enough to control the crude.

Abdulla Alhumaidi

Illinois Amish…

In this report we will talk about Amish in the state of Illinois, who they are, and a little bit about there history, and some other interesting things about their.

First, the history of Illinois Amish Country's surrounding Amish settlement, established in 1865 by a handful of families, has grown to over 3,000 members, but that is only about the Illinois Amish and now we will talk more about the Amish in general and in but from an Illinois Amish. The Amish Faith had its start in Switzerland and was founded by Jacob Ammon. He and a small number of people became dissatisfied with the worldliness of the parent Mennonite Church. It was their wish to live a more strict and simple life; therefore they formed together as a group who rejected wars, materialism and frivolity. Early Mennonites came to America to seek religious freedom in 1632. They settled in Pennsylvania and were divided into two groups. The "Church Amish" favored a central church building; the other group known as "House Amish" favored holding services in a home. The Amish in our area are "House Amish." The first Amish family came to Arthur in 1865. There are 22 church districts in this locality which covers an area of approximately twelve miles East and West, and 15 miles North and South with Arthur in the center of the settlement....

Second, what do Amish wear? The Amish dress is simple with the men wearing dark colored high vests over home-made shirts, collarless coats fastened with hooks and eyes. They have their hair cut in a "Dutch Bob." Their men wear beards, but the young Amish shave until they are married. The Amish women dress simply with plain ankle length dresses, black stockings and flat shoes. In the cold months, they wear black wool shawls. Their heads have a covering or white prayer cap which is worn inside the home or during church services, and wear a black bonnet when outside. The girls dress like their mothers with the exception of the prayer caps which they do not wear until they have joined church

Next, in this part we will explain how Amish their business and how they work. The Amish work rich farmland of the area with teams of six to eight horse hitches, and the Amish ' horse-drawn, black buggies are a common sight around the Amish country.The downtown business districts are filled with a variety of gift shops, fine clothing stores, unique craft shops, furniture shops and several restaurants. The surrounding countryside is dotted with many Amish shops, as well as a major theme park, Rockome Gardens. Rockome features attractive flower and rock gardens, gift shops, and other activities. Industry also thrives in the area with many reasons for businesses and business-people to find Arthur an attractive place to establish a presence. With a strong work force and a healthy economic climate, the Amish country is a great place to live and a great place to work!

Last, if you like the Amish or interested to get more information and to know them better, make shore When visiting the Illinois Amish country, make your first stop at the Amish Country Visitors Information Center in downtown Arthur. You'll find up to the minute information on all local events in Amish country and directions to help you find your way around!

This resource of this report is: link

Abdullah Alhumaidi

Gay Gene

the link

this link is talking about: The Gay Gene: Assertions, Retractions, and Controversy I will explain this report in the same orderliness.. First, The introduction: he talked about Homosexuality and the rights of homosexuals, because he said that there is nothing that can prove that in the scientific way so that means that homosexuality can not get the rights to get married and other rights but he also said that we don’t know what the future can tell us; yes they did not find any thing that can prove that homosexual is genetic, but if they find that it is there, then that means that parents might elect to insert a heterosexual gene into their child or abort the child altogether. In the years from 1991 and the gays are forcing the media and seem to have a life of their own. Second, Preliminary Findings: in 1991 Simon LeVay from Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego found that there is a difference between heterosexual and homosexual young men brains, he says that the cluster of neurons known as INAH 3 in the hypothalamus were reduced in size in homosexual men, much to the same degree that the same group of neurons is reduced in women. On the other hand there was a problem with this discovery that LaVay himself is a homosexual and has lost his partner because of AIDS. The most important paper that reported on the (gay gene) was from Hamer et al. from NCI in the July 19, 1993 .Hamer reported that the linkage translated to a “99.5% certainty that there is a gene (or genes) in this area of the X chromosome that predisposes a male to become a heterosexual”. Next, media response: Newsweek was the first to talk about this issue .Hamer reported that the linkage translated to a “99.5% certainty that there is a gene (or genes) in this area of the X chromosome that predisposes a male to become a heterosexual”. After that USA Today talked about it, and it was the first newspaper to talk about it. Soon the Time magazine talked about it. In the Time article, some anti-gay activists liken the ‘homosexuality gene’ to other genetic links that society finds undesirable, such as “mental and physical illness.” Also, Reed Irvine of the watchdog group Accuracy in Media says, “It’s a little more complicated than a hereditary factor. The media have given zero attention to the many, many homosexuals who have gone straight. I think it’s sending the gays the wrong message to say that you cannot change because it’s something your genes have determined” (Henry, 1993). The pro-gay organizations had mixed feelings: on the one hand, knowing that sexual orientation is pre-determined gives homosexuals some relief from blame – from society, their parents, or themselves – but at the same time there is something to be said about the concept of their sexuality being thought of as a genetic ‘disease.’ In this manner they could be ostracized even more. Next, Problems Arise and Confusion Remains: The year 1995 marked beginning of the end of optimism for chromosome Xq28 as an indicator of male homosexuality. LeVay’s findings, the article reports, “have yet to be fully replicated by another researcher” (Horgan, 1995). Also, one study contradicted Hamer’s results and Scientific American reported that he had “been charged with research improprieties and is now under investigation by the Federal Office of Research Integrity,” which was basically a result of his excluding “pairs of brothers whose genetic makeup contradicted his finding” (Horgan, 1995). Another study by George Ebers and George Rice in 1995 indicated that “there is no reason to focus linkage studies on the X chromosome” and that there is “no evidence that gayness is passed from mother to son”. Finally, in 1999, George Rice and George Ebers found that their results “do not support an X-linked gene underlying male homosexuality”. Last,

Conclusion: In my opinion I think that the government should not give this any rights because it will make other people who have some other problems say that this is their right, for example People who take drugs. And if the governments open this door they won't be able to close it and the biggest example of that is Netherlands, where every thing is legal. And even after that there is a big percentage of suicide, so that means that even after they toke what they say that is their rights the didn't become happy! And they will not and never be happy if they go against nature.

Abdulla Alhumaidi

the link

This links talk about polygamy, polygamy means that that one person has more than one spouse, There are two types of polygamy one is when a man married more than a women, and the other is polyandry, where a woman marries more than one man. After that it says that The Qur’an is the only religious scripture in the world that says, "marry only one". But later after that the Hindu priests and the Christian Church restricted the number of wives to one. And after that it says that Hindu people Hindus are more polygynous than Muslims, where in Islam the Qur’an permits limited polygyny, than it talks about Average life span of females is more than that of males and also that India has more male population than female due to female feticide and infanticide and that is not just in India but in all the world where the population of women is more than men. And last restricting each and every man to have only one wife is not practical will be a problem because if all the men in the U.S will get married there will be almost thirty million women not married.

Conclusion: the numbers say that the some men should get married to other women so every women will be married in this world and this is not just what Quran says it is also what scenic people believe in.

Abdulla Alhumaidi